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As an educator, I have found Kate to be a wonderful resource when learning how to approach gender in the elementary classroom. Her research and insight into what constitutes a truly safe and welcoming environment for all has shaped the way I interact with my students and approach education as a whole.
—Brittnee M., elementary school teacher

Consultation and support for parents, schools, and educators is grounded in research and best practices to address a variety of topics and concerns. I offer the following services:

Workshops, training, and follow-up support to increase knowledge and awareness of queer, trans, and gender diversity concerns in elementary education.

Classroom lesson plan creation, support, & facilitation.

Support for elementary GSAs and QSAs.

Support addressing parental concerns, with the latest research to back you up.

Strategic planning to explore current policies, guidelines, and school practices to help create more affirming learning environments for queer and trans students, families, and staff.

Advocacy, system navigation and support for parents/guardians of LGBTQ+ & gender diverse children is available free of charge
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