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Kate has introduced me to a radical inclusivity that would have never crossed my mind... she has the gentle ability to call us in to reflect on our own inherent biases, especially in a time where call-out culture can be so toxic. You can tell from working with her that she deeply cares about what she does; the attention to detail in her innovative resources make the work we need to do so simple and straightforward."
—  Layla C., Journalist & PhD Candidate

 It can be difficult to know where to begin or how to shift our practices to be more affirming of queer and trans identities and expressions. My approach to consulting is educational, collaborative, and accessible. Instead of seeking quick fixes, I work with clients to build a solid foundation and understanding of why this work is important. I aim to equip you with the background, language, and tools necessary to carry you forward. I offer the following services:

An exploration of what you feel is needed in your workplace or organization to support a queer, trans, and gender diverse affirming culture, with collaborative problem-solving to address barriers to change.

A comprehensive review of relevant policies and forms, as well as website, social media, and communications.

Resources, practical solutions, and strategies (everything from bathroom signage and pronoun use to inclusive language and forms).

Custom queer and trans affirming workshops and training for your organization.

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